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Originally the BABE program was designed to help reduce the incidence of low-birth weight babies being born in Whitley County and provide prenatal education and encourage positive parenting. In 1997, the Indiana Department of Health released statistics stating that Whitley County was among the top 10 counties within Indiana with the highest number of low-birth weight babies. With Parkview Whitley Hospital providing the seed money and the Columbia City United Methodist Church offering a spot under the church's 501c3 umbrella and a building rent free, B.A.B.E was launched in 2001 to help reduce low-birth weight babies being born within Whitley County. In 2006, new statistics placed Whitley County at the state level. Our mission is to provide quality incentives to parents who participate in preventive and prenatal care, including parenting, educational, and nutritional classes to promote healthy pregnancy, birth outcome, and early childhood development.


The Beds & Britches, Etc., B.A.B.E. program was established as a coupon incentive program for pregnant women and families to try to deter the high incidence of low-birth weight babies that were being born in Whitley County, IN. B.A.B.E provides incentives for pregnant women & families to consistently participate in programs and services provided that benefit the health and well being of infants and young children to ensure that the children are given the best possible start in life. Coupons earned can be redeemed for diapers, wipes, pull-ups, clothing, cribs, high chairs, shampoo, sippy cups, socks, and several other infant/toddler related items.


On December 3, 2010, Beds & Britches, Etc. became BABE of Whitley County, Inc. and was established as its own 501c3. On July 1, 2011, BABE began doing business as BABE of Whitley County, Inc. and no longer under the Columbia City United Methodist Church. Signature BABE Stick Person


On July 6, 2011, BABE opened up Stages, our used clothing store. BABE only provides infant/toddler related items for families either expecting or have a child between ages 0-5. However, Stages has clothing from sizes 0-juniors and maternity clothes. All earnings from Stages goes right back into BABE, allowing us to purchase the new items that are redeemed only by coupons that families have earned by participating in health or educationally related programs and services pertinent to their pregnancy or health and education of the child.

BABE of Whitley County, Inc. is funded by

Parkview Community Health Improvement and the Whitley County Community Foundation